Thorn - Case Study

Co-founded in 2012 by actors and tech investors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Thorn is an international foundation that builds technology to protect children from sexual abuse.

Partnering with tech companies around the world, Thorn creates intelligent technologies that identify, track, and erase child sexual abuse material on the internet.


Thorn partnered with Joybox Media to develop NoFiltr and #NoFiltrTalks, a social-first brand initiative focused on highlighting real conversations between young people, young couples and youth and their parents around the stigmas and toxic attitudes surrounding the circulation of nudes.

The conversations were focused on the culture around the circulation of nudes and how it impacts young people - with the goal of normalizing non-judgmental and honest conversations about these issues.

The NoFiltr brand focuses largely on short-form video content shared on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. Videos were designed to inspire open dialogue among youth and with the brand.

With a mix of organic content, highly targeted paid media, a network of influencers, and the creation of a youth council, NoFiltr acknowledges that young people must have a voice in how we collectively address sexual development and the risk of exploitation for minors in a digital world.

The goal of the videos was to get young people commenting, resharing, and the reusing of content to ensure the conversation continues well beyond the original posts.

As a result of the initial short-from content success, NoFiltr expanded into long-form content on YouTube, providing a long-term platform for youth to have honest conversations about these topics.


After launching the campaign in July 2020, we have seen 77.1M views of our short-form videos and 6.7M views of our long-form videos, reaching over 56 million young people across TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Not only are young people watching our content, but they are actively engaging with it — we’ve seen 7.4M engagements and counting in the form of comments, reshares and repurposing of content on young peoples’ profiles.

The NoFiltr brand and #NoFiltrTalks campaign are the first steps in JoyBox and Thorn’s ongoing efforts to empower young people with resources they can use to safely navigate sexual exploration and risky encounters in their connected world.

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