JoyBox Channel - Case Study

Is there a better way to learn how to grow a TikTok and YouTube channel than by actually doing it ourselves? We don’t think so.


Before the world was turned upside down by a global pandemic, TikTok was beginning to pick up significant international engagement. The content was honest, wildly entertaining and shared similarities to the now defunct short-form video platform Vine.Scrolling through TikTok’s #FYP (For You Page) was addicting, and we knew early on that the platform was going to skyrocket.During TikTok’s early stages, major brands and agencies were not seeing the value or reach of the platform. Executives would say things like "it's just a kids’ platform" or "it's going to be a fad like Vine".

We believed otherwise. 

While young creators were beginning to go viral on TikTok, not many brands were working to do the same. It was difficult to convince companies to participate in the growth of TikTok, and capitalize on the opportunities created by the organic reach it offered.

To prove to these companies that there was really something of value here,  we decided to show brands how they could expand their reach among young people by going viral with our own brand, JoyBox Media. 
We grew the JoyBox TikTok channel as a fun experiment. We brought in local comedians, musicians, and our friends, collaborating with them to produce comedy-driven videos in a simple studio environment that made them go viral.

These videos garnered millions of views and earned the JoyBox TikTo page 350K+ followers. This strategy became the bread and butter of how we built out digital strategies and campaigns for our business clients.

Since we had learned how to do it for ourselves with JoyBox, we were confident that we could do it for our clients too.


350K+ Followers

30M / Monthly Views


We never used celebrity endorsements. We worked from the ground up and leveraged our community of talented local comedians, musicians, and real friends paired with engaging (and we think - hilariously funny) video concepts.


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